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Terry's Drunken Watermelon

This is a great summer idea for your next party; it is perfect for a hot summer day.


1 medium to large whole watermelon
Variety of cube and diced fruit your choice
1 750 ml bottle Bacardi Grand Melon Rum


Method 1- Cut watermelon in half allowing the bottom rind section to serve as a bowl. Cube the watermelon fruit and place back into rind bowl. Add other fruit, pineapples, grapes, raspberries, etc. Pour Bacardi Grand Melon over fruit allowing rum to soak into fruit. Store in refrigerator and serve cold.

Method 2- Leave watermelon intact, carve out a 2 inch diameter by 3 inch deep hole into the watermelon on a side that will stay upright and not roll. Pour the bottle of Bacardi Grand Melon into the watermelon throw this whole. Pour slowly allowing the fruit to absorb the rum. Pouring to fast will cause the rum to overflow. Allow rum to absorb into the melon for at least 1 hour, over night in the refrigerator is optimal.